Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How To Verify Blogger/Blogspot Blog On Pinterest

Do you want to verify you blogspot blog in the pinterest then you are at the right place......Here are the steps that will guide you ....:-

  1. Go to Pinterest.com and Login into your Account.
  2. Hover on you name tab at the top right hand side...And click settings
  3. Scroll down to the text field "Website"
  4. Add the url of your blog
  5. Click on “Verify Website” button.
  6. In the redirected page you will be asked to download the html file.So download the html file and open it with Notepad .
  7. Now copy the Highlighted piece of code(See pic)
  8. Go to Blogger Dashboard>>Blog>>Template>>Edit HTML and Find this code <head> using ctrl + f.
  9. Paste the code you have copied from download file after this tag.
  10. Save it 
  11. Go to Blogger>>Blog>>Setting>>Search preferences>> Click Custom Redirects edit under Errors and redirections.
  12. Click on New Redirect and put your Pinterest file name in From Tab.(Dont forget to put "/" before file name)
  13. ut just only “/” in To Tab.
  14. Save it 
  15. Go to the pinterest verify page from where we downloaded the html file and click verify.
  16. You are done!! Go to home page and you will see something like this

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