Friday, 1 May 2015

How to automatically add blogger post to twitter

IFTTT (IF THIS THEN THAT) is a free platform which allows you to publish blogger post automatically on your Twitter account, this program also allows you to publish Blogger Post on Facebook Pages.

Steps to Syndicate this Program :-

Go to IFTTT and register yourself. Even Verify your Email Address and Log into the website.
Now Click " Channel" and Type Blogger in the search box , Click on the Blogger icon that appeared below.

When You have clicked upon this , the site will ask to Activate your Blogger Account. So click Activate and Proceed.

Click Accept and Add Your Blog to the site.Now Again go to the channel page and Search for Twitter and Do the same as we have done previously with Blogger.
At this moment We have Syndicated our Blogger and Twitter Profile With the site.Proceed With next Step.
Click "My Recipes" and further Click upon Create Recipes,then click the Blue "this" link as shown below.
In the dropdown appeared Search again for blogger and then click upon it , you will notice that you are taken to down section where it asks to choose trigger, select "Any new post" .Proceed
Now Choose a trigger by clicking create trigger. and follow the site to down section.
In the new section Click upon "that" and search for twitter.

At this moment you will be asked to choose an action , select "post tweet".Proceed
Fill the "Complete Action Field".You Must click inside the textbox to add Incredients as shown below
When you Click "Create Action Button" you will be asked to create and Activate recipe.
Click Create Recipe, Now your Recipe is created and will work automatically after every 15 min or you could manually Click Check recipe now button to Activate this in seconds.

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