How to get top rank in google search for blogger

Blogger SEO

Hello friends this post will guide you how to get a good and fine rank in google for the blogs created by blogger.The things that you will nedd are as follows:-

  1. Webmaster tools
  2. RSS feed
  3. Blogger
  4. Google+

The initial step is that you have to make a blog on the blogger with a gmail accont and keep yourself logged into your gmail account and the blogger account.
Also you have to keep yourself logged in the feedburner account.

For you all i have created a test blog that is

Note:- please keep yourself logged in into all your id(gmail,feedburner,blogger,google+)

I will show with the help of this blog how to get a google rank .

You have to follow these links step wise.
The link to Step one:-Import google+ account in blogger
The link to Step Two:- Add a sitemap :- Webmaster tools
The link to Step Three:- How to create a RSS feed

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