Monday, 25 March 2013

Learn CSS with Webtey(Part-I)

Let us know what is CSS....?? 

  •  CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.
  • These allow us to create a standard design.
  • These have extension as ".css"
  • External Style Sheets are better and saves a lot of time . 
CSS Syntax :-

The syntax is very simple you just need a tag say font tag or the div tag . The div is new to you so let us know what is the use of div tag.

The div let the user to render the every sub tags according to the theme applied.Suppose there are few tags within this di tag (see below).

<h1>Heading 1</h1>
<font color="blue">The font</font>

And in the css we have apllied some  codes for this tag so the tags (h1,font) will be rendered accordingly.
This is a only small introduction i will tell you in detail further.

CSS Comments 
As you may know that a comment is not rendered by browser for the display.
so in css the comments are written like this.

/*This is a comment*/

Note for the readers:-
The learning with webtey (css) is divided into many parts .The current part you are reading is I.

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